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Book Reviews

Manuscripts are provided in PDF format which can be viewed and printed with Adobe's Acrobat Reader™ To obtain Acrobat Reader software at no charge, press here.

Illustrated ECG, A Step by Step Approach to Learn ECG, Tarek Abdelhamid, MD, David E. Richmond, MD & Stephen Wealthall, MD.   Reviewed by Curtis J. Rosbraugh, MD.

How to Excel in Medical School, Norma Susswein Saks, Ed.D Carolina M. Zingale, Ph.D. Daniel G. Stewart.  Reviewed by Tarek Abdelhamid, MD - Purchase through Amazon

Classic Presentations & Rapid Review for USMLE, Step 2, Theodore X. O'Connell, M.D., Susan L. Taylor, M.D. Santa Monica – UCLA Medical Center, Sergio Huerta, M.D. UC-Irvine Medical Center, Aamer H. Jamali, M.D. Stanford University Medical Center. Reviewed by Tarek Abdelhamid, MD - Purchase through Amazon

Success Types for Medical Students: A Program for Improving Academic Performance, John W. Pelley, PhD. With Bernell Dalley, PhD. Reviewed By Guy M. Nehrenz, Ed.D., RRT.

The Electronic Scholar: Enhancing Research Productivity with Technology, Dave L. Edyburn, PhD. Reviewed by Jeff Morzinski PhD and Virginia Rediske MA

A Handbook for Medical Teachers, David Newble BSc(Hons), MBChB, MD, FRACP, DipEd and Robert Cannon, MA(Hons), MEdAdmin, DipTertEd. Reviewed by Othelia Pryor, PhD. - Purchase through Amazon

Continuing Medical Education for General Practitioners, Edited by Richard B. Hays & Craig Veitch. Reviewed by Peter A. Leggat, BMedSc, MBBS, MMedEd, MPH, PhD

Basics in Medical Education by Zubair Amin, MD, MHPE and Khoo Hoon Eng, PhD. Reviewed by David J Solomon, PhD - Purchase through Amazon

Practical Guide to Medical Student Assessment by Zubair Amin, MD, MHPE, Chong Yap Seng, MD, and Khoo Hoon Eng, PhD. Reviewed by Barbara G. Ferrell, PhD - Purchase through Amazon

Ten Years of Medicine and the Arts Edited by Lisa R. Dittrich, BA, MFA. Reviewed by PR Shankar

The Literature, Arts and Medicine Database: Revew by PR Shankar


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