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Letters to the Editor

Negotiating Care: The Teaching and Practice of Cultural Competence in Medical School. A Student Perspective

Kristen C. Ochoa, Michèle A. Evans, Scott A. Kaiser


New Academic Environmental Health Center Opens with a Medical Student Workshop on Writing Lead Grants

Asha Garg, MD, MPH


Medical Student Selection: The Key to a Lasting Model of Cultural Competency

David E Rapp, MD


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Guide to Educators and Parents

J Srinivasa


Medical Education in the Baltic States and its Relevance to Postgraduate Training in the United States

Richard A. Wright, M.D.


Problem-based Learning, Multimedia, and a Paucity of Behavioral Issue Learning

Joshua L. Jacobs, Meta T. Lee, Marlene Lindberg, Carol Kamin


Outcomes of flexible training compared to full time training during the Specialist Registrar Grade in the UK

Selena F. Gray, Helen M. Goodyear, Melanie J.T. Jones


Sustaining Interest During Lectures with the use of Multimedia

Erle Chuen-Hian Lim, Benjamin KC Ong, Einar PV Wilder-Smith, Raymond CS

What is Included in the 24 Hour Women’s Health Course for Nurses?

Zenobia C. Y. Chan, RN, Ph.D.


Training Medical Teachers in Using Qualitative Research Methods
Mohsen Tavakol, PhD.


The Doctor’s New Black Bag: Instructional Technology and the Tools of the 21st Century Physician
Arash Mostaghimi, Julie H. Levison, Robert Leffert, Wendy Ham, Arif Nathoo, John Halamka, Curtis Prout, Ronald A. Arky, Daniel C. Tosteson, James Quattrochi


Story of the Patient’s Illness (SPI): A Useful Educational Tool for Teaching History Taking?

Mahlon D. Johnson, MD, PhD


Comparison between ACGME Review Committees for General Surgery and Internal medicine in Assignment of Program Cycle Length
Randall C. Cork, MD, PhD, Darrell Ferguson, Gonzalo Echavarria, MD, Haibo Wang, MD, PhD, Andrea Ligeti, MD, Cleveland Waterman, MD, Ashok Rao, MD, Donna Holder, MD, Scott Cassingham, MD, Frank Zavisca, MD,PhD

Inviting Health Care Assistants to Participate in Infection Control: Teaching Guidelines
Zenobia C. Y. Chan, RN, PhD

Enhancing the Surgery Clerkship Learning Experience
Uchechukwu C. Megwalu, MD, Joel A. Goebel, MD

IIntegrating Subjects through Problem-based Learning: A South Asian Perspective
P. Ravi Shankar

Open Peer Review of Manuscripts Submitted to Journals for Publication: The Only Way of Setting the Record of Contribution to Science Straight Enough
E.S.Prakash, MBBS, MD

Trekking and Medical Students – A Nepalese Perspective
P Ravi Shankar

Physicians’ Beliefs and Evidence Based Medicine
Adolfo Pena, MD

Improving Opportunities for Research Training for Specialist Registrars in Australasia
Dr Jennifer Broom, MBChB and Dr Alex Broom PhD

Medical Students’ Training For a Final Examination in Surgery – The Technion Experience
Nahum Rosenberg MD, Rachel Nave M.Sc, Zeev Gazit MA, Shmuel Reis MD, Michael Soudry MD , Ahud Sternberg MD

Evaluation of the Specialist Training Program in Geriatric Medicine
Weerasak Muangpaisan, John Corrigan, Hywel Jones

A Thirty-Eight Year Analysis of Communication Skills in Undergraduate Medical Education: A Content Analysis
Mohsen Tavakol, PhD, Sima Torabi, PhD

Short Clinical Case Quizzes: A Useful Tool to Help Enhance Lectures
Kong-Bing Tan, MBBS, MRCPath, FRCPA

Campus Community Partnership in Bedside Teaching: Staff Development Program at a Secondary Health Care Hospital in Malaysia
Abdus Salam, Harlina Halizah Siraj, Nabishah Mohamad

On Collaboration and Interprofessional Education
Muhammad Nabeel Ghayur, PhD

Organising a Medical Specialty Training Conference: Experience from the British Association of Stroke Physicians Trainees Educational Meeting
Dr Hedley CA Emsley PhD MRCP

MedEdWorld Online Global Collaborative Learning Network Using Adobe Connect: An Experience of Universiti Kabangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre
Abdus Salam, Noor Azah Abd Aziz, Arif Khmaruddin, Harlina Halizah Siraj, Nabishah Mohamad, Norhayati Moktar, Lokman Saim

Characteristics of Students Failing Medical Education: An Essay of Reflections
Caven S. Mcloughlin, Ph.D.